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“Wow, I could not believe the rich stories that flowed from my 89 year old buddy Max. So glad I had it done. As well as the videos being a treasure for life, it turned out to be such a fun day getting it done.”

Rob Edwards

Capturing yours or their stories

It’s simply a bunch of questions that trigger stories they have probably told a hundred times. Often the hard part is stopping them 🙂 Videoing is relaxed and fun at your home or business.

We send you example questions to start the conversations. You ask family and friends and of course the person what stories and history they would like to reflect on. Questions can be anything from “Tell us about growing up in Tumut?” to “What about that shark encounter in Fiji?”

Importantly, don’t rehearse. The stories will flow. While the set up is low key and simple it will deliver high quality memories for you.

You are also welcome to give us up to 30 photos — we will add music and make an extra video of those.

How about mum’s favourite recipe or comments from a best mate?

Often there is a special dish close to the family’s heart. Have the ingredients ready, pour a glass of wine and mix it with some laughter as mum cooks. Or time in the workshop talking about a handed down antique tool.

If family or friends are around, let’s get them to share some stories about the person. It all adds to some really neat memories.

This service is also available for businesses to tell their stories. Particularly those family businesses that have been around for a while.

Your treasures to keep and share

After an editing process (please allow two weeks) a quality full length video is created. We also split that into all the individual stories and label them so you can easily select the gems.

You receive two DVDs and two USB sticks with the videos.

The videos are loaded to a password protected webpage (no login accounts needed). Share the page with friends and family.

Relaxed quality for you.

Not only are we technically experienced to produce very high quality videos for you. We make the person feel relaxed, so the stories can flow and be captured even though there is a camera in the room.

There is a little bit of set up, for example, we may need to set up a couple of small lights nearby to get good lighting – we arrive early and do that. Then have a cup of tea and chat to get to know everyone before starting.

It’s surprisingly inexpensive

In the message box tell us your needs and we will send you a quotation. No names, but plenty of detail about where and other points. For example: “I want to capture mum’s stories at her home in Goulburn. Also to get her cooking the tomato meat balls the family loves. She uses the tomatoes from the garden, could we get her picking them? And some clips of my kids talking about their gran?”

Let us know what you are thinking.